“Totally stress free for me!”

I would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work David and his team have put into selling my home. 

Because of David’s excellent knowledge of the real estate business and the Melbourne market, he was able to negotiate all aspects of selling my home. This made it totally stress free for me!

David kept me informed of all developments along the way. His diligence, pleasant and professional conduct throughout my campaign, made the whole experience stress free and enjoyable. David helped me achieve a great result in the end.


Since writing this wonderful testimonial for Exclusive Vendor Advocates a few years back, Helen has asked us to step in and help out with the sale two more of her properties!! The sale was yet another success, with a great financial result for Helen. Repeat clients such as Helen truly show how content vendors are with our services.

“David has made himself available throughout to inform, discuss, and guide us”

We have recently sold our Parkville apartment with the help of Exclusive Vendor Advocates. David and John Melatti and their team have been there with us throughout - from conversion from a large studio apartment into a one bedroom, which was their very wise suggestion, and throughout the selling process. David has been available to us when seeking advice, has kept us regularly informed throughout, and has worked tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome for us.

David and John and their team have helped in the past with two family purchases, achieving purchasing results that were advantageous in both cases. In both purchasing and selling, their advice and help has taken a great deal of the stress out of the situation. As we live a long way away from the property we have sold, we really needed an advocate working on our behalf, genuinely working towards a result we are happy with, honest opinion and advice. The advice about the presentation of the property, the For Sale board, the brochure produced, and the Facebook presentation produced by them, have all been outstanding.

David has made himself available throughout to inform, discuss and guide us, and we would recommend seeking the assistance and experience of David and John Melatti to anyone about to undertake this process.

“I fully endorse the value of a vendors advocate to everyone”

To David, John, and the team at VIP Consulting,

What a fantastic result on Saturday. Beyond our wildest dreams! I thank the entire team for what they have done in working with us on the sale of Dad’s property.

I fully endorse the value of a vendors advocate for everyone who is seeking to sell a property.

To have a professional advocate team to guide us and help us to understand the things we knew little about was invaluable.

In our case, it provided us with the result, which we would not have otherwise achieved

I fully endorse David, John, and the team at VIP Consulting.

“I was able to deal with real estate agents from a position of power”

I have brought and sold property in the past and have always found dealing with the Real Estate Agents a far from enjoyable experience. In fact it has been very  stressful and I did not look forward to going through it again to sell my current townhouse, so I decided to employ the services of a Sellers Advocate to assist me.

Armed with Exclusive Vendor Advocacy and namely David Melatti at my side, I found that I was able to deal with the Real Estate Agent from a position of power, control the marketing strategy used and set the reserve price that I wanted, rather than feeling pressured by the Real Estate Agent to accept their recommendations.

The result was that selling my townhouse was not the horrible stressful process that I had experience in the past. I felt that David and I were working as a team and it was nice to be able to bounce things off him and knew that he would tell me the truth, and be very op  en. We set the reserve price together, which was a lot higher than what the Real Estate Agent had advised and I was able to achieve a successful sale for a great price.