Assist Sell

We Work As A Team With Estate Agents

We offer clients an extensive list of services in our tailored proposals, and we will guarantee them. If you’re not completely satisfied with our service, you can terminate our services immediately, and you pay nothing! The best part of the Assist Sell Service is that there’s NO ADDITIONAL COST for the vendor!

Our Assist Sell Service offers clients two options.

Option 1:

Exclusive Vendor Advocates will:

  • Assess the true market value of the property
    Using a cross-reference method, plus implementing either or all valuing methods: direct/comparable sales method, summation method, etc.
  • Interview and select the best estate agent to engage. We determine a short list of agents based on their market presence, track record, reputation, responsiveness, and more.
  • Choose the most appropriate selling method – auction, private sale, expression of interest, etc.
  • Present the property for sale – through the suggested use of staging, styling, minor repairs, etc.
  • Establish cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Target specific, qualified buyers – through appropriate advertising and databases.
  • Ensure correct positioning of the home in the real estate market
  • Monitor and update the property’s progress using Relative Property Lists and Property Performance Reports
  • Provide vendor with an Exclusive Vendor Advocate recommended advertising campaign, oversee and ensure the campaigns implementation. 

Option 2:

Exclusive Vendor Advocates will:

  • Complete all aspects stated in Option One
  • Moderate the marketing process, keep in constant contact with the vendor, and keep the vendor up to speed with: agent progress, interested buyers, offers received, and more.
  • Keep the vendor in the loop regarding sales of comparable properties throughout the campaign
  • Coordinate the conveyance or solicitor preparing the contract and section 32 of the property, ensuring that all are finalized efficiently, and that copies have been sighted and signed by the client. We also ensure the agent has copies of these.
  • Represent the vendor at auction and throughout negotiations, and ensure that: the process is conducted professionally, the maximum selling price is attained, and the agent is not putting the vendor under unnecessary pressure.
  • Oversee properties that are in direct competition with the vendors property, and adjust the marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Oversee the signing of contracts, and ensure that the full deposit has been paid
  • Check in with the vendor prior to settlement and ensure that everything is on track, and alleviate any issues which may be present.

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